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How to choose the right lace toupee


Lace toupees have become an indispensable item in people's daily lives, especially people with special needs. If you wear a poor quality and unsafe lace toupee for a long time, it will have a certain impact on human health. So what are the tips for choosing good quality lace toupees? Let me introduce you briefly below.

  1, see the type of lace toupee

  According to the production materials of lace toupees, there are pure human hair laces and artificial fiber lace toupees. The former is the best quality lace toupee, which is no different from real hair and has a long life, but the price is more expensive than ordinary lace toupee. All products of Jinshoufa are made of healthy and safe real hair, with guaranteed quality and safety. The latter is the mainstream lace toupee with many varieties, but it is generally not too expensive, and quality and safety cannot be guaranteed.

lace toupee

  2, see the lace toupee craft

  High-quality lace toupees, generally use a special plastic sheet to take the model, make artificial scalp according to the head curvature and common hair loss range, and take the hair as a specimen, match the mature hair, and then according to the human hair density, hair The silk flow direction, evenly hand-hook the lace toupee, and finally attach a special hair clip on the artificial scalp to fix the hair piece to some of the hair itself, trim, curl and shape, this lace toupee It can almost be true.

  There are also some lace toupees that can be customized by real people. This is also what we often say about weaving hair. Weaving hair is made of real human hair, all handmade in the production process, tailor-made, so the effect is particularly realistic.

  The above is the introduction of the tips for selecting good quality lace toupees. I hope everyone knows the tips for selecting lace toupees and will be helpful to everyone.

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