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Hair Dupication

Send your current spare hair system for duplication (Recommended): 

If you have a spare hair system that fits you well, no matter where you ordered it, send it in and we can get the measurements we need. Then we can make an exact copy of it. We can duplicate almost every type of hair system manufactured today at the same or better quality than your current one. It's a quick, easy and reliable way to order. We will return your system to you either right away if you need, or return with new order. And of course, if you'd like some changes to improve your hair system, we can make any type of change to the color, base, hairstyle or attachment method you want. 

Please be sure to send a quality system for duplication, with no rips, tears or stretching to the base. We will keep all your unique details on file, then you can just email us and reorder a new system anytime you need.

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